Our infant room provides a nurturing environment with a loving and experienced staff.  Our infant program is based around the needs of each individual child.  While in the infant room, our staff reads stories, plays music, and provides age-appropriate toys for the children to play with.  Infants are given a safe environment to work on tummy-time, sitting up, crawling, standing, and eventually walking.  Little Kids Playcare works hard to create a loving environment where infants can grow and develop while preparing for the next stages of their lives.


Our toddler program introduces children to a more structured routine while still allowing them opportunities to explore and learn through free-play indoors and outside.  Children in our toddler room enjoy stations throughout their spacious room, which include a play kitchen area, dress-up area, building block area, a quiet area to look at picture books, and many other themed areas.  During the structured part of their day, children are engaged in crafts, music and dancing, age-appropriate games, and preschool activities.  During preschool activities, toddlers are read books during carpet time, are taught shapes and colors, work on the alphabet and counting and color or trace worksheets.  Our dedicated staff also works hard to help toddlers master skills, such as, potty-training, using utensils during meal-time, beginning to write/draw with pencils and crayons and encouraging the development of their vocabulary.   Little Kids Playcare provides opportunities for toddlers to grow, explore, and learn which prepares them for our preschool room.  


Our preschool program offers children a daily routine complete with structured games and activities, as well as, opportunities for free play inside and outdoors.  Throughout the structured part of their day, preschoolers are engaged in games, crafts, music and dancing and preschool activities.  Games, such as, alphabet bingo, shape memory, and scavenger hunts are just a few of their favorites.  During craft time, preschoolers are given opportunities to create their own “masterpieces” through coloring, drawing, painting, and the use of safety scissors and glue.  Preschool activities are geared toward preparing our preschoolers for Kindergarten.  During preschool activities, children learn during carpet-time, where they listen to stories and review the calendar, and table-time, where they complete worksheets and make crafts.  Some of the things that our preschoolers work on learning throughout the school year are colors, shapes, counting, the alphabet, letter identification and sounds, patterns, rhyming words, and so much more!  Little Kids Playcare also offers our preschoolers opportunities to engage in free-play which helps with their social skill and problem solving skills.


Throughout the summer, Little Kids Playcare plans a summer activity calendar that provides children of all ages a fun and engaging activity for each day.  Whether it is “make your own ice cream sundae day”, “relay race day”, or “science experiment day” , Little Kids Playcare makes sure each child is provided with excitement or entertainment throughout the summer months!

School Age

Little Kids Playcare offers care for children ranging from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.  Our school-age program begins by making sure each child is prepared to start their school day.  After school, they are provided the opportunity to have a knowledgeable staff member assist them with homework, studying, reading, and projects.  School-age children are then provided an opportunity to play with friends during structured activities and free-play.